The solution to all social problems

Suppose that the Son of Man said to mankind in the present ages, ‘What seek ye?’

What would be the answer? Many would say: we seek pleasure; some, wealth; others, fame and power; but the most thoughtful would answer, ‘We are seeking the light of the ages, as mankind has ever sought. We are seeking a social Utopia. We want a society in which we may be relieved of some of the ills of mankind, free from the troubles and toils of life.’

With every progressive age of the world, intellectual, noble minded leaders have sought a better way of living than that which was current. The good life, a social Utopia, has been the quest of the ages. To sense the need of reform has been easy; to achieve it has been difficult and well-nigh impossible....

The Church, established by divine inspiration to an unlearned youth, offers to the world the solution of all its social problems.

God help us and qualify us for the mission of carrying to the world this light. May we labor even more zealously than heretofore for the establishment of a social order in which God’s will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven—a kingdom of God which shall foster the brotherhood of man and acknowledge the fatherhood of God. May we so live that men seeing our good deeds may be led to glorify our Father in heaven, I pray in. the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

(1930s, 1930, April, 4th Session, Elder David O. McKay, ¶52 • CR)


-- David O. McKay; Conference Report, April 1930, 78-83.