Pathway to Zion

The Pathway program is one of the most profound projects underway anywhere in the world.

A couple of years ago, my wife and I spoke to some Pathway students in Africa. They were amazing young people, smart, ambitious, and dedicated to the Gospel. Such students are learning "how to Zion" and are well on their way to establishing Zion in their communities.

We've met Pathway students in lots of places. 

Today Pathway announced that it reached a milestone: 50,000 students.

As the word gets out, I expect that number to multiply rapidly. 

Here's a quotation from the article:

President Nelson has said that “Pathway is for the Kingdom.” It is part of the gathering of Israel — and with 50,000 students around the world, it isn’t a start-up anymore, President Gilbert said. “It is part of Zion.”

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